Programs Overview

Whether urban or rural, we administer a wide array of programs providing educational, technical and financial assistance for addressing natural resource concerns. While we receive a portion of our base funding from the State of Minnesota, much of the work we do is made possible through competitive grants, the support of local partners and yearly appropriations from the Becker County Board of Commissioners.

Our qualified staff and partners work with a variety of Federal, State, County and local fund sources to aid landowners with the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Wherever the setting, we’re here to help you help the land.

Agricultural Programs


Buffer Program

Shoreland Stabilization & Restoration

Lake Shore View

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention

AIS Inspector

Wetland Protection and Restoration

Wetland Protection and Restoration

Trees and Native Plant Materials


Irrigation Water Management


Noxious & Invasive Weeds

Canadian Thistle

Education & Outreach

Ed & Outreach

Local Water Management

Water Management